Our Services

Monar Consulting has experience in working with companies to develop customized programs that address an extensive variety of organizational issues. We specialize in creating and facilitating a multitude of group processes for any group size. This includes custom designed workshops, retreats and training events that address organization-specific issues, such as: mediation and conflict resolution, low functioning teams, change management issues, leadership development, and strategic planning.

At Monar Consulting, we frequently utilize trusted assessments and approaches to assist in developing individuals, teams, and organizations. Examples of instances in which our methods have proven to be successful include:

  • Assisting teams that are newly forming or experiencing distress during transition
  • Improving cohesiveness within high level groups comprised of difficult individuals
  • Increasing the effectiveness of executives/partners through one-on-one coaching

While this is not an extensive list of our services, the following categories summarize the areas in which Monar specializes.





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