We consult our clients in many aspects of Human Resource operations and planning, including: Compensation & Benefits Plans, Development of HR Policies and Procedures and Global HR Strategies. Monar Consulting can help your organization deal with Human Resource issues and challenges that confront your organization on an everyday basis. Most Human Resource departments these days need some kind of outside support and consultation to help them provide a high level of expertise and service to their very demanding internal customers. Monar Consulting can serve as that “expert” in a number of different areas and industries.

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Monar consulting works with you to create customized strategies to attract, retain, and develop your talent.  We ensure that the talent management system is aligned with the whole organization and is not just a function of HR.  We are experienced with recruitment strategies, job design, competency modeling, and succession planning, and can help make your organization the “employer of choice” for top talent.

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Monar Consulting has identified a specific need within the realm of talent management: Succession Planning. The experience with behavioral assessments and other means of identifying talent allows Monar to implement an effective succession planning approach. This “insurance policy” benefits an organization by allowing it to avoid the hardships associated with unexpected or planned employment gaps from the C-Suite to the bottom line.

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